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aNueNue aNN-AKK3 Koa Tenor Ukulele

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Talk about saving the best until last. When first setting up the World of Ukes store, I wrote lots of ukulele product descriptions. Ukulele review after ukulele review. And then, at last, I was finished. After writing 21,000 words about ukulele tonewoods, embellishments, tone, finish and playability. To say at the end of that I was a bit tired of writing about ukuleles would be an understatement. And then I discovered that for some inexplicable reason, I’d missed doing the aNueNue aNN-AKK3 koa ukulele review. And do you know what, despite all that testing, trying and reviewing, it was still a real pleasure to write about this lovely instrument.

At the time of writing this all solid Hawaiian AAAA grade koa tenor ukulele was not a mainstream production model. Very few of these ukuleles exist, or will ever exist. It is a custom model and it is fantastic. The flame and curl of the koa is stunning to look at, particularly under the spotless gloss finish. The rosewood bridge’s unusual shape is a lovely feature. The bone nut and saddle are custom cut to deliver both great sustain and perfect intonation. The abalone soundhole rosette sparkles. Rosewood binding looks classy. And the maple, ebony and koa veneers on the headstock are just showing off! It is a beauty of a uke – everything you’d want a dream ukulele to look like and more.

With the slotted headstock, the ukulele feels very balanced when you play, while the low action, Clear Water aNueNue fluorocarbon strings and ebony fingerboard all combine well to deliver a fantastic playing experience. Basically, as I write this, I’ve just written a lengthy review of over sixty ukuleles. And I can still enthuse about this one all day long. Well, I would do, but at some point I have to go home for my tea.

And then there’s the sound. Drop dead gorgeous. It almost has a chorus effect as it feels like you’re paying two ukuleles at once! There’s such a complex mix of harmonics, overtones, deep lows and crisp highs that it is really hard to describe the sound. But it works. It really works.

This is a gorgeous, top class ukulele that I’d happily take home any day. It can be made even better – as you can order it with a Mi-Si Acoustic Trio pickup, fitted here in a few days. It also comes with a top class gig bag – pretty much as good as gig bags get. But it ain’t gonna spend much time in there – you’re going to want to play this aNueNue aNN-AKK3 Koa tenor ukulele. A lot.

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Zoe Bestel demonstrates the aNueNue aNN-AKK3 with her song, 'Dragons'.