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aNueNue aNN-AMM3 ASOS Tenor Ukulele


It speaks volumes of the design and build process at aNueNue that this all solid mahogany instrument doesn’t conform completely to the ‘mahogany = warmth’ equation. True, this aNN-AMM3 tenor ukulele is packed with depth and a resonant warmth, but the instrument also delivers fine treble overtones and a clarity of tone not normally associated with the African mahogany the uke is constructed from.

On the aNueNue website, the company claims that the ‘Taiwanese are friendly and big hearted’, a saying that could equally be applied to the aNueNue aNN-AM3. It has a big, warm heart of mahogany richness, with a player-friendly clarity and sweetness that allows your fingerpicked notes to stand up to, and out from, that strong core sound. Ok, it isn’t cheap, but the serious quality of sound this beauty can give you is worth every penny.

The 36mm bone nut and relatively shallow neck profile give an ideal balance between space for your fingers, with the ability to easily fret notes. With the slotted headstock, the aNN-AM3 uke feels just right in your hands, without being top or bottom heavy. Good quality Grover made, aNueNue branded geared tuners work well with the Clear Water strings (also by aNueNue), for stable tuning as well as that crisp clarity that I banged on about so much before.

The ASOS series from aNueNue is the beginning of the company’s professional ukulele offering, denoting top quality, all-solid ukes. The mahogany is a traditionally stained chocolate brown, with the strongly accented grain looking lovely under a perfect gloss finish. This wood is finished with rosewood binding and a beautiful abalone soundhole rosette; little accents which lift the appearance to ‘subtly attractive’, rather than plain.

If you’ve been put off mahogany by cheaper instruments (low grade mahogany doesn’t cost the earth and is common in the ukulele market), then my advice is to think again! This aNueNue aNN-AM3 costs more, yes, but delivers excellent value. It sounds stunning. It is stunning.

It can also be offered with a fabulous Mi-Si pickup if you wish, just choose that option and give us a few extra days to get it fitted. A match made in heaven! A very fine gig bag is included. (Fine as in good, not flimsy!)

You can also see a video demo of the aNN-AMM3, by clicking the additional info link below.


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Liam Capper-Starr demonstrates this all solid mahogany aNueNue tenor, with his song, Fatherhood.