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aNueNue aNN-ASR3 ASOS All Solid Tenor Ukulele


The ASOS series from aNueNue denotes their high specification all solid tonewood models. While the solid spruce top and solid rosewood sides certainly help this tenor on its way to being a lovely instrument, the way it is designed and made elevate the aNueNue aNN-ASR3 into professional ukulele territory. It is a really bold, bright-sounding ukulele, with a fabulous clarity. Yup, I like this gorgeous ukulele, I really do!

The solid sitka spruce top of this master luthier built instrument has an incredibly tight grain. There’s solid spruce and there’s solid spruce, and this folks, is seriously good solid spruce! It really makes a statement when you play the aNueNue aNN-ASR3, which crisp overtones against a surprisingly deep background. It really punches above its weight, delivering sustain, volume and a complex tone in a really strong acoustic package. The solid East Indian rosewood back and sides both look fabulous, and really add to the tonal mix.

With a slotted headstock, inlaid with the aNueNue ukulele logo, rosewood binding, abalone soundhole rosette and a stunning gloss finish, this instrument is really lifted visually. These extra touches really make a difference to a spruce topped instrument, which can look a little plain otherwise. The tuners are Grover made, but are stamped with the aNueNue name, and work a treat with their crisp, powerful Clear Water strings. The ebony fingerboard is flawless and compensated none saddle and nut deliver both great sustain and excellent intonation. Yes, the aNueNue aNN-ASR3 is a player’s ukulele – one that will delight if you venture to all parts of the fingerboard.

This aNueNue aNN-ASR3 is a brilliant advert for what can be made in the east. Yes, they’re more famous for budget brands but that’s largely what western buyers ask for. Yet, the Chinese have their own flourishing luxury brand market and aNueNue is an exemplary example of that luxury. It is true you can only play one uke at a time, but if you get one of these beauties, unless you have something phenomenal in your collection, your other ukes are going to end up gathering dust!

A brilliant gig bag is included.


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