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aNueNue aNN-CMM3 Solid Mango Tenor Ukulele

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This ukulele, from aNueNue’s Maui series, is a beautiful thing to play. The aNN-CMM3 tenor uke has a featherweight action, a shallow neck profile and 35mm nut that for me at least, combine really well to make this a joy to pick with, as well as easy to barre. It is just easy-playing full stop. With aNueNue’s own black water strings fitted, with a thin gauge and slippery feel, the experience just gets better and better.

The aNueNue aNN-CMM3 is constructed from all solid mango. That’s the wood from the mango tree, not the fruit it bears. That would be sticky. I can’t work out when playing this tenor if my go-to word to describe the tone is sweet because of a subconscious fruit connection or not, but sweet it certainly sounds. It isn’t without depth, but brightness and a playful sparkle really come to the fore, accentuated by the harmonics it generates. Coupled with the playability, the lovely tone really makes this aNueNue something that is difficult to put down.

As a stark contrast to the pale solid mango tonewood, there is dark rosewood binding – a sort of white and dark chocolate contrast (see, I’m thinking of sweet things again!). This rosewood also features around a rosette of abalone to decorate the soundhole. The signature shaped aNueNue headstock looks sleek, and pretty with the addition of their logo inlaid in abalone.

With a compensated bone saddle sitting in the rosewood bridge, a bone nut and Grover open geared tuners, the appointments of this uke are all good quality. It comes with a free gig bag – something else which is fine quality. Yet, while everything is rosy in the quality garden (which makes me think of Roses AND Quality Street), the most memorable aspect of the aNueNue aNN-CMM3 is what a pleasure it is to play, and the sweet, shimmering sound it produces.

We can also, with a couple of days extra lead-time, fit this uke with a Mi-Si Acoustic Trio pickup, something which really gets the best out of reproducing that lovely, natural tone.


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