Tenor Ukuleles

aNueNue ANN-UT5K AAAAA Grade Solid Koa Moon Bird Tenor Ukulele


This aNueNue ANN-UT5K is the top of the line of the company's 'regular' production runs, and what a stunner it is too. Sure, it has a price attached, but boy is it lovely! What do you get for the money? A beautiful uke of only a handful made worldwide. Is it worth the outlay? The way to answer that is with a car analogy. Yes, a Fiat Punto will get you to Tesco and back perfectly well, but if you go in a Ferrari you'll do so in style, and turn some heads while you are it. You can't justify the cost in practical terms, but if you've got the money, this WILL bring you a lot of pleasure.

For this ukulele, aNueNue teamed up with a celebrated Japanese luthier, who has come up with an innovative bracing system (the Mount Fuji) system, that allows fantastic resonance - which in turn delivers wonderful volume, amazing projection and tone so full you'd wonder if it was going through a boutique amplifier.

The body is made from the finest grade koa from Hawaii. No measly AAA grade koa here - but AAAAA no less. Do some googling and you'll find a set of this wood can set you back £750 alone, without anything but the raw materials. There's an ebony fingerboard and bridge and maple binding too.

The soundhole rosette is a delightful shape, made from spalted maple and very pretty abalone. This sits well with the off centre cutaway shape that aNueNue's Moon Bird series is becoming famous for. With a slotted headstock, the UT5K featured Gotoh's excellent SXB510 tuners, finished in shiny gun metal grey. Again, a £70 set of tuners and you can see nothing but the best is being used.

Of course, while the looks are amazing, you need a sound to match, and the incredible depth of tone, coupled with the koa brightness and percussive qualities means it delivers in spades.

It is also supplied in a blue hard case that only goes out with the Moon Bird series. It is great quality and looks fab too.

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