Tenor Ukuleles

Baton Rouge V2-T6 6-String Tenor Ukulele


Baton Rouge’s V2 Sun range is a really good one. Loads going for it, nicely put together, good to play and crucially of course, a really fine sound. The odd thing about them is the price. From time to time I’ve had customers say ‘no, I’m looking for something a bit better’, without trying one. I’ve urged them to do so (I’m nice like that, not pushing the more expensive stuff when you don’t need to!), and they’ve invariably been impressed.

The uke is relatively plain to look at, save for the laser cut sun motif, but while mahogany can be dull, this laminate is pretty, with dark and light grain visible. Also, where the holes in the slotted headstock are cut, there’s a layer of padauk which is a pleasant touch.

It is worth running though what a 6-string is like, just in case you don’t know - particularly as at first glance it is an unusual arrangement. As you strum, the first string is a regular high G, like a normal tenor. Next up is a high C, an octave above the normal C, paired with that normal C. Then a regular E, and a pair of A’s. The first A is normal and the second, a wound low A. I know, odd right!?

However, the result gives my favourite sound of the multi-stringed instrument family (5, 6 and 8), as it rises and falls in pitch with each strum. It starts on G, then higher to the high C, down to the C, up to the E, up again to the A and right down to low A. It really is an interesting sound, very pretty indeed - and the slightly curved back of this Baton Rouge seems to embellish this melodious sound with an attractive warmth.

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