Tenor Ukuleles

Cordoba 15TM-CE Wide Neck Tenor Electro Ukulele


I am a little conflicted about Cordoba ukuleles. On the one hand, they make nice instruments and have a 38mm wide nut that offers a spacious fingerboard for those with larger (or clumsier) fingers. On the other hand, they're supplied by all the big box-shifting retailers, who cut prices, but also don't check or set up any ukes. As a small specialist, I can't go toe to toe on price, so have to rely on customers being knowledgable enough to choose their retailer based on added value. I could just avoid brands like Cordoba, but to be honest - their features are impressive!

This Cordoba 15TM-CE has a laminate mahogany body, with a really attractive, cool looking sunburst finish. This is further enhanced by a neat abalone soundhole rosette and cream binding - the latter feature continuing up the sides of the neck.

It has a Nubone nut and saddle, open geared tuners, Aquila strings and a smooth and hard wearing composite fingerboard. And as well as the cutaway design, there's a Cordoba branded active pickup too, with tone and volume controls.

The sound is loud, but relatively mellow, with a good balance across the strings - and a volume that holds well further up the neck. You can't say it is the best sound in the world, but it is at least equivalent to many other ukes in this price bracket, including some that don't have the facility to plug in and play.

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