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Cordoba 24T-CE Wide Neck Electro Tenor Ukulele


The Cordoba 24T-CE is a solid top electro tenor ukulele, with attractive and unique laminate spalted maple back and sides. The two are separated by black and white purfling and lovely, striking dark red padauk binding. That nice red wood is also used to create the soundhole decoration.

Cordoba originally became known for making guitars in the Spanish tradition - and if you've ever played a classical guitar, you'll know the necks are very wide... too wide for me! However, they've continued that theme with many of their ukulele models, this 24T-CE included. The difference being, the wider 38mm nut width of this tenor is perfectly manageable and indeed, makes playing it easier for the larger fingered musician.

The composite fingerboard is nice looking and smooth, and bound with (again) padauk. Fitted to the headstock are good quality looking open geared tuners and the nut and saddle are bone, the latter being compensated for better intonation further up the neck. This is a worthwhile addition given the nicely shaped cutaway giving better access to the upper frets.

With Aquila strings fitted, the tone is full and bright - and very loud too. If you strum with gusto, the noise is impressive! Use the pad of your thumb rather than your fingernail and the warmth drives forth - it is almost as if it is amplifed. Which, if the huge volume isn't enough, you can do properly by using the built in pre-amp and undersaddle pickup, which has treble, bass and volume controls.

Altogether, it has nice specification, a cedar top with a sweet tone (and mad volume!), and very handsome thing the Cordoba 24T-CE is too.

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