Tenor Ukuleles

Cordoba 30T-CE All Solid LR Baggs Electro Wide Neck Ukulele


This is an all solid mahogany tenor electro ukulele from Cordoba, the 30T-CE. With top drawer LR Baggs active pickup and a cutaway, together with a wide 38mm nut width, it is a great gigging ukulele with excellent performance both acoustically and amplified.

Although perfectly able to take a high G, this Cordoba is fitted with a wound low G, which adds plenty of depth to the tone. This is further enhanced by the warmth from the mahogany, giving a uke with a mellow tone.

There's a lot of talk about wide nuts, with this one having a 38mm. Every player is different, but to be honest, from a personal perspective, I prefer 36mm... UNLESS coupled with a fairly thin neck profile - as in the case here. I like the space offered by the string spacing, but the flat neck profile makes this an advantage - without having to reach too far. Not sure that all makes sense - so if not, let's just say, I like it!

This Cordoba has really pleasant mahogany, without a very dark stain - which allows the pretiness of the wood to stand out. This is contrasted by ebony binding and a classy looking abalone soundhole rosette. The saddle and nut are made from black TUSQ, with their signature headstock above the latter making the uke stand out a little more.

There's an LR Baggs Five 0 system fitted, an active pickup and preamp with a sound quality only matched by the Mi-Si system. This has the advantage of tone and volume controls tucked inside the soundhole (although I confess to being a Mi-Si man myself - seeing as I usually plug into a mixing desk and set my sound from that - rather than onboard controls). Whatever, it is great!

This 30T-CE is equipped with Aquila strings, which do a good job in fact, adding some brightness against that low G, while the tenor ukulele is supplied in a semi-rigid pod case.

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