Tenor Ukuleles

Cort UKEBWTOP All Solid Tenor Ukulele


Cort make great guitars, under their own brand and many others, with Fender the most famous of their stable. Many a guitar manufacturer has decided to dabble in making ukes, and the majority have sadly opted for novelties to market to guitar fans. Thankfully, Cort have made a proper instrument rather than go for the 'gift for a guitarist' route. They've even mastered the art of the overly complicated model designation! The UKEBWTOP is more than a silly name though!

The body is constructed from all solid blackwood, an Australian species of acacia. This is particularly nice when strummed, with a great chiming effect - really smooth and rich. It rests in between the immediacy of spruce and the warmth of mahogany, with a really quite pleasant ring.

There's familiar feeling neck with a 35mm nut and a neck profile that is neither thin or chunky. It just feels normal, and that's not a bad thing.

The wood has a nice grain, with some interesting streaks and patterning, with not a lot of extra adornments to distract from it, though the black and white purfling and dark binding looks classy.

You know, it isn't a stunning looking uke, in fairness. And when I first tried it when the rep came calling I thought 'why should I stock this?' Particularly at a price point that is incredibly crowded. After strumming a chord or two, and hearing the lovely tones, I had my answer.

This tenor uke comes with a Cort branded gig bag.

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