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Freshman UKASHT-8 Electro Tenor 8-String Ukulele


The keyword about the Frehman UKASHT-8 is great value. Oh, that's two words! But both richly deserved! Check the price, and then look what you get. Not just an 8-string tenor ukulele, but one that has an active pickup with tone and volume controls and a built in tuner.

The body is all laminate quilted ash, which is pale and has an interesting grain. The back is arched, helping the sound to project - and while the 'laminate vs solid wood' debate is usually stacked in the latter's favour, with an 8-string, the simple fact is has 8-strings, including a low G, there's a natural fullness of tone. With a high C too, it covers a larger range of sound than a 4-string, without any consideration for materials.

In fact, the tone is perfectly good, loud, bright but rich. The Aquila strings aid the volume and the bone nut and saddle give a nice ring too. There's a couple of attractive features too in the laser etched soundhole decoration and headstock logo.

All in all, a really good price for a ukulele with a lot going for it. The Freshman UKASHT-8 tenor is not the finest uke in the world, but you get an awful lot of ukulele for the money.

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