Tenor Ukuleles

Freshman UKWALT Walnut Comfort Edge Tenor Ukulele


There is a lot packed into this attractive Freshman UKWALT tenor ukulele. An awful lot The laminate walnut body has a pleasant grain, it has Aquila strings, closed geared tuners which turn beautifully and a rosewood bridge and smooth fingerboard.

Add to this, the Freshman UKWALKT tenor also has a comfort edge made from super-smooth maple, and interesting mahogany binding and patterned wood inlays. the comfort edge even has a thin abalone strip separating it from the top.

All these decorations would be insignificant if the uke itself didn’t sound good. But, it is nice and loud with a really tight, but harmonically rich sound. It seems sort of focussed… rich and powerful. In fact, you wonder how a laminate instrument like this can sound so impressive.

The uke is supplied with a modest, but welcome gig bag.

With cheaper ukes like this, it is sometimes possible to save a few pounds here and there if you shop around BUT, I can guarantee that they’ll be personally inspected and set up before they leave World of Ukes. Surely worth it for the peace of mind this brings.

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