Tenor Ukuleles

Freshman UKZEBRA Tenor Ukulele

65.00 99.00

This Freshman UKZEBRA is ideal for serious beginners, as a knockabout uke for the car, or perhaps as a spare to keep with a low G. It is inexepnsive but has plenty going for it.

The laminate zebrawood body is nice to look at, with an etched pattern around the soundhole for decoration. The mahogany neck is average width and profile, making, coupled with a decent action - making it ready for anyone to pick up and play.

This tenor uke has Aquila strings and while the buttons of the closed, geared tuners are really big, they're very free-turning.

The sound is bright and direct - and while there are better sounding instruments, the price of this makes it an incredible deal. The only factor that bugged me was the nut - where it was tricky to form barre chords on the lower frets - but that will be taken care of me.

Shipped free to the UK - for the EU- you need to pay £15 - (add this to your basket)

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