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Godin Koa Tenor Multiuke Electro Ukulele


The stated aim of the Godin Multiuke is to offer a true gigging instrument. A uke that can be plugged in and played in a band setting without risk of feedback. It meets this aim brilliantly. The aim of this koa version is the same, although if the aim was to make me drool and covet it - then it does that perfectly well too! The koa used for the top, above the chambered body, is a delight for the eyes. Start adding in factors like the great playability, better-than-expected acoustic tone and the custom electronics, and it's very much something that is desirable - whatever the practical advantages!

Talking of those electronics on the Multiuke. Each string has its own small bridge, with an undersaddle piezo pickup per string. This is connected to a 3-band EQ preamp from innovative company, RMC. Why? Well this allows almost unlimited tonal sculpting. And it turns out 'tonal sculpting' is nothing to do with exercise classes at your local gym, and more to do with allowing you to tweak the sound and tone of each string when plugged in. You can twiddle those four knobs to your heart's content and get a plethora of ones. Or you can just pick one and get playing - as you'll want to when you feel the spacious fingerboard, great set-up and ease of play. It's a little wonder.

Although never created to be an acoustic instrument first, there's some volume there - enough to practice on your own, no doubt, and even to play in a group scenario with a small number of other ukes. It has a sweetish tone, with clipped trebles and pleasant harmonics, making a session on your own without an amp perfectly pleasant. Plug in and of course, the sonic world is your oyster, with every sound possible from warm, washes of bluesy tone to treble-rich melodies and solos.

Having gushed like a love-struck teenager over this delicious koa tenor multiuke from Godin, I shall conclude with some practicalities, like the inclusion of a well made, Godin-branded gig bag, very good open geared tuners, D'addario EJ87T Titanium strings (which aren't made out of titanium!), a jack-input which doubles as a strap button and fitted strap button on the shoulder of the instrument, and smart, gloss-finish ebony faceplate.

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