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Imua iET-115 Chambered Electro Tenor Ukulele - Koa


There are a number of different specifications for their iET model available from Hawiian manufacturer, Imua. The one we stock, designated iET-115 has a mahogany body, with its signature chocolate brown stain and contrasting dark grain, coupled with a koa top. This is finished, unlike other models in a beautiful gloss. The Hawaiian koa used is distinctive, with dark and light streaks gently undulating across the instrument’s top. The logo is nicely inlaid in abalone, and features like the headstock, bridge and volume knob all have pleasing organic curves.

As you would expect, there isn’t a great deal of volume with this Imua uke when unplugged. The acoustic-only sound is perfectly adequate for quiet practicing – it is certainly audible. What sound there is seems a good balance between bass and treble. At no point does does the Imue iET-115 become tinny, yet the trebles really have a sparkling quality to them. When plugged in, the sound is remarkably clear and natural, without being too thin. It may not have the same design as a regular uke but the sound that it produces is distinctly ‘ukulele’

The solid top is Hawaiian koa from the Big Island, a beautiful looking wood. The passive pickup is a very good quality Fishman, undersaddle strip, something that really brings the best out of the design and wood when plugged in. The Imua electro tenor ukulele's saddle and nut are bone and are custom cut, while the tuners are reliable Grover models. D’addario Titanium strings complete the picture. This instrument is supplied in a good quality gig bag.

A smooth neck, nice action, slippy strings, immaculate frets and a comfortable neck profile make this a lovely uke to play. It is lovely to use high up the neck, making it ideal for those looking to make the transition into moveable chord shapes and melody lines.

The looks are good, with the koa being the star of the show. This Imua sounds impressive when plugged in (and remarkably pleasing when unplugged), and offers a really good playing experience. It is probably that playability and fun factor that comes across as the uke’s best feature, although the incredibly handsome koa volume knob runs it close!


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