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Imua iTG-C5 All Solid Hawaiian Tenor Ukulele


They say all that glitters isn’t gold, and that’s true of this sensational Imua iTG-C5 tenor ukulele, and the gorgeous high grade Hawaiian koa used to make it. If you’re wondering what sets this apart from the iTG model - it is the grade of koa used, and the beauty of its figuring and flaming.

What really hits home about this iTG-C5 from Imua is how great it looks, with the minimum of fuss. There’s a lovely, stylish abalone inlaid logo on the beautifully shaped headstock. Everything else is about the wood and the graceful curves of the body shape.

The excitement only builds as you pick the instrument up and realise how light it is, with thin sheets of koa used, together with well-designed bracing. It just makes it so comfortable to hold -which coupled with the ease of play given the great set up, makes this Imua simply a pleasure to play.

I confess to be borderline obsessive about ukuleles and fascinated about models from all over the world (ukulele models I mean!) In my search for interesting ukes, strangely I can find myself overlooking Hawaii - only because the Pacific islands and ukuleles go together like a horse and carriage (try getting that song out of your head now). I can temporarily forget, until I pick and instrument like this up, just why this connection exists. They can make ukuleles. And they can make them really really really well!

The sound has a little of everything. Good projection, crisp trebles, pleasing depth and interesting sweet harmonics. I’m not sure there’s such a thing as a ‘Hawaiian Sound’, but if there was, the straightforward, simple beauty of how this Imua performs would be a great personification of such a theory.

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