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Imua iTG-CWY-V Solid Koa Cutaway Tenor Ukulele

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It is hard to pick the best attribute of this Imua iTG-CWY-V tenor ukulele. The lovely curve of the cutaway body? The striking grain of the all solid Hawaiian koa body used in its construction? The delicate ease with which its perfect set up allows you to glide from one end of the fretboard to the other.

In the end I opted for the beautifully expressive sound. Crisp and sweet koa tones, ringing sustain and a fresh, loud tone when you want it to be. Strum more softly or use that pad of the thumb to play and it is becomes gentle, mellow, soft and yet always vibrant.

Your are reminded, when you play a ukulele like this, just how good Hawaiian made ukuleles are. They're not famous at it for nothing! And this graceful, light and well balanced ukulele is a great example of the Hawaiian tradition.

The uke has Aquila Super Nylgut strings fitted, a Tusq nut and compensated saddle, and to my mind the best tuners in the business - Japanese made Gotoh UPT geared tuners, which makes a change for a tenor and will delight those who like the aesthetic of friction tuners, without any of the disadvantages of the way they function.

Simply a class act, easy on the eyes, the ears and the fingers.

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