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Imua iTG Solid Koa Tenor Ukulele

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The Imua iTG tenor ukulele is a gorgeous, Hawaiian made, gloss finish tenor ukulele. It is a wonder to me that this beautiful, elegant instrument would be considered close to an entry level ukulele for a manufacturer. But that, I think tells you a lot about Imua, a company headed by a renowned Hawaiian timber expert and a master Japanese luthier. They know tonewood intimately, and know how to make it into superb instruments!

A high grade all solid koa makes up the top, back and sides, all finished in gloss. This showcases the beautiful wood extremely well. If you don’t play the ukulele, this would still look great hanging on your wall as a piece of art! The mahogany neck is perfectly stained to match the golden brown tones of the koa, while a koa headstock faceplate, beautifully adorned with an Imua abalone logo is the only concession to fancy extras. The koa is the star of this ukulele and there’s very little to distract from it.

The Imua iTG tenor ukulele has a bold, crisp-edged and clear tone. Although overall you’d put this instrument in a brighter category of sound, it still has depth, particularly when picked. This enables you to strum chords and hear a traditional Hawaiian sweetness of tone, but also to pick out melodies with a long sustaining clarity and richness that is really quite something.

The 38mm nut width is nice and generous for those without the most dextrous fingers, giving plenty of room on the fingerboard. The action is nice and low and the Aquila Supernylgut strings are a really good fit for this Imua tenor ukulele – accentuating the sweetness of tone but giving plenty of volume. They’re slippy on the fingers too, with a mellow edge to the sound they produce and I can see why they were chosen for this instrument.

As well as this Imua uke as it is, we can also fit a Mi-Si pickup to it, if required. That option is available to you, but will take a week to be delivered while it gets fitted!

There’s no doubt that Hawaii is considered to be the epicentre of fine ukulele building, and with the quality on display with this Imua tenor uke, you can see why. It plays beautifully, sounds great and even smells nice (if you happen to be a soundhole sniffer!). Great stuff.


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