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Imua MO-ITG All Solid Spalted Mango Hawaiian Tenor


A pleasure for the senses! Well, four out of five anyway! The Imua MO-ITG, with its all solid spalted mango body with tasteful abalone soundhole rosette and inlaid headstock logo, is feast for the eyes. It is a fascinating and beautiful instrument to look out, and naturally unique. You'll never see another like this.

It is a pleasure for the ears, with sweet, sparkling sound which really sustains and soars. It is hard to describe but there's a sort of sparkle when you make contact with the strings, a sweet precursor to a beautiful, chiming sound that you could almost say has a touch of built in reverb. This Imua really, really sings! It is bright, but not brittle, loud enough but not overpowering, just a real delight.

Your sense of touch will also be delighted with a simply outstanding setup with a nice low action, a 36mm nut and a smooth ebony fingerboard that just make playing it effortless and lovely. There are Grover open geared tuners which look smart and do the business, as well as Aquila Super Nylgut strings - which suit this instrument really well.

It even smells good (honest), with just a hint of wood shavings from the workshop of master luthier, Shinji Takahashi, the Japanese builder of these ukuleles in Hawaii.

I didn't taste it. But it may well be lovely!


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