Tenor Ukuleles

Journey J-UKE Solid Top Tenor Electro Ukulele with Scoopaway


This J-Uke is an interesting all rounder with lots going for it. For a start, the solid meranti top delivers a good balanced down, with some warm colours contrasting against a sparkling bright top end. When I first tested them, I was a bit flat, but off came the strings and some tests later... it was paired beautifully with Worth Clears - which any Journey ukes bought from me will have in the future.

So what else... the laminate back has a nice shape to it, with a rounded, almost moulded feel to it. It has a unique looking headstock (with open geared tuners), and a very pretty 'scoopaway' feature, a semi cutaway that lets you get at those very top frets.

The neck is 37mm wide, which gives lots of room. A cramped fingerboard this is not! Even clumsy big fingers will be playing Bflat in no time on this! And chords are very nice with this instrument, which has a bit of real depth to the sound, climbing to very shiny highs at the top end. It isn't quiet, and isn't the loudest... it is average in volume terms - but the punch the strings deliver make the tunes you play very clear.

The J-Uke tenor also comes fitted with an undersaddle pickup, a passive affair. While personally an active Mi-Si man, this one actually turned my head more than most as it isn't thin-sounding at all, but actually has a nice full tone when amplified.

To round things off a super gig bag with lots of padding, pockets in every available space and a rain cover, should the heavens open when you're out and about with this tenor ukulele.

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