Tenor Ukuleles

Kai KTI-5000 All Solid Acacia Tenor Ukulele


It says a lot about this ukulele is that the Kai-branded tenor ukulele gig bag that is included in the package is the least remarkable thing about the package - despite being equipped with lots of padded, the Kai logo and made to a very good standard. Most included bags are, to be honest, a bit pants, but this is a bag worthy of this uke and those higher up the scale. Everything else about the uke is so good, the Kai KTI-5000's bag becomes an afterthought.

The Kai KCI-T000 has a fantastic looking, well-executed slotted headstock. This is fitted with quality geared tuners, with a larger than normal cog, which makes the tuning more rapid than regular models. The 35mm ebony fingerboard is jet black and smooth (OK, maybe it is ebony black...), and there's a side soundhole port which directs the lovely tone up towards the player... if they're right handed!

The tone is a mixture of all things, tight trebles and some rich depth in a melting pot of loveliness. It is a great all rounder, with plenty of volume and sustain. The D'addario Titanium strings don't feel too taught and are good for bending and vibrato too.

The only drawback I can think of to this very well priced tenor uke is the name, which is new to a very crowded market. If this said Kala, not Kai, it would be in every music shop in the land. Don't be put off if it isn't familiar to you, it is imported by the same distributor who deals with Risa, Magic Fluke and Kiwaya - they know their stuff and they know, like me, that this is a brilliant instrument that could be sold at a far higher price.

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