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Tenor Ukuleles
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Kala KA-8E Electro 8-String Tenor Ukulele


This is a great bit of kit, loud, shiny and 8 strings of fun! The Kala KA-8E is a very smart looking ukulele, with a laminate mahogany body and cream binding. The rich, jangling tone of an 8 string resonates from the 8 Aquila strings, with low G, high G, regular C, high C and two pairs of E's and A's.

This beast is loud, so if you've ever struggled in a ukulele club to hear what you're playing - this ukulele will cure that! And if that wasn't enough, it is equipped with an active pickup, allowing you to crank it up even louder with an amp!

This is the updated model, which now features the UKT-300 pickup system with tuner and tone controls - not the old one with the Shadow pickup which was a bit prone to finger noise.

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