Tenor Ukuleles

Kala KA-ATP-CTG Solid Cedar Top Tenor Ukulele


The Kala KA-ATP-CTG is a much sought after tenor ukulele as it just has so much going for it - in particular in comparison to other instruments that are a little more expensive, including Kala's own all solid acacia model. OK, in this case, the acacia back and sides are laminate, and only the cedar top is solid, but the tone doesn't seem to suffer, as it it loud and luscious, with a great attack and lovely chime.

Add to this how well put together it is, with a gloss finish, slotted headstock and attractive red padauk binding and soundhole ring, and the package starts to stand out from the crowd even more. And the acacia used on the back and sides is really pretty too under the shiny finish.

Kala's KA-ATP-CTG has Aquila strings and good quality geared tuners, a Nubone nut and saddle and walnut fingerboard. There's nothing wrong with the strings - but I've tried these with Worth Clears and other fluorocarbon strings and it seems to enhance the complexity of tone and harmonics - just something to consider when you change strings!

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