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Tenor Ukuleles

Kala KA-BFTE Limited Edition Tenor Electro Ukulele


Ah... my first love! I bought one of these excellent Kala Bocote electro tenors some years ago. Though I've since moved on to more expensive things (darn my expensive tastes), I am still very fond of this model. It is one of the warmest, most rounded ukes, and particularly so at this price level.

The body is laminate bocote, or butterfly wood. And the back is nicely rounded which really softens the edge of the tone and makes it deep and rich. This was the ukulele that made me realise there's more to ukuleles that just solid wood - if it is made and designed well, it can really be an excellent instrument.

This ukulele has a Kala active preamp and pickup (with tone controls, volume adjustment and a built in tuner), as wel as Aquila strings and good quality geared tuners.

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