Tenor Ukuleles

Kala KA-JTE White Archtop Electro Tenor Ukulele


This is a lovely white edition of Kala's popular archtop series of electro tenor ukulele. With a Shadow active pickup, it can be plugged into an amp - with the preamp doing a good job of replicating the mellow, jazzy zound the uke produces.

With two f-holes, rather than a traditional soundhole, the volume isn't the loudest (although not quiet), with the sound that emerges being soft and lacking with the brittle trebles that some ukes can have.

The finish is very interesting, with a pearlescent effect, a little extra sparkle in the paint as opposed to just a gloss white. It certainly looks effective - you'll turn heads sporting one of these!

The KA-JTE white is equipped with a GraphTech nut and saddle for a touch more sustain, and Aquila strings.

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