Tenor Ukuleles

Kala KA-MTGE-C Mango Tenor Electro Ukulele


If you said this Kala KA-MTGE-C was an all solid mango model, it wouldn't be beyond the realms of possibility, given the sweet, mellow tone. However it is a laminate instrument, and the fact there's a mango veneer has no impact on the tone. That said, the quality of the sound and the smooth, full tone in some ways makes what it is made of slightly irrelevant. I mean, if it sounds this good and is made of cheese, who cares? Ok, maybe not cheese... that would be silly.

Anyway, back to this interesting looking Kala tenor, with the unique, unusual colours, patterns and flaming. It has nice mahogany binding to the body, outlined with black purfling. The mango cap on the headstock looks great too, and things are finished off nicely with a ring of abalone shell around the soundhole.

This electro tenor is fitted with a Shadow preamp and undersaddle pickup. There's a compact panel on the top with tone and volume controls, which takes a single (supplied) CR2032 battery.

This is a uke that will tempt some because of the looks - not always the best thing as the sound, of course, is the most important thing. But in this case, the sound is solid, quality, rich and interesting. So, if you like the looks - they're a bonus.

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