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Tenor Ukuleles

Kala KA-SA-T8E Fishman PRO-MAK-INF Fitted Electro 8 String Tenor Ukulele

439.00 639.00

This is the KA-SA-T8, Kala's all solid 8 acacia 8-string tenor, but with a twist... we've fitted a professional level, active Fishman PRO-MAK-INF pickup to it.

Although the designation might be unfamiliar, this uke is effectively the KA-ASAC-T8, and only recently got changed following the replacement of the rosewood fingerboard with a walnut one. Despite this instrument being popular in the UK, for its mellow tone and great playability - it has actually been discontinued because the 8-string format isn't as popular in Kala's home country, the USA.

Althought the official price is £489... with the pickup fitted (and you can find these unfitted for about £180), the total price is just £439. For that you get a gig-ready, professional level instrument.

The pickup replicates the warm-edged tone really well, and as part of the fitting process, the action is lowered to make this easier than normal to play in 8 string terms. It also has tone and volume controls fitted just inside the soundhole to give you control on the go.

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Kala KA-SA-T8E Electro Ukulele.jpg
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