Tenor Ukuleles

Kanile'a K-1 8-String All Solid Koa Tenor Ukulele


This K-1 8 string tenor from Kanile'a is stunning in every way. It looks great with its UV high gloss finish, all solid koa body and ebony fittings - but the real beauty comes with the sound. It is phenomenal.

This ukulele features the TRU-R bracing system, brought out in 2019 - giving extra resonance and sustain (it stands for total resonating ukulele, redesigned, and is an improvement on the already excellent TRU-R system). Of course, the top quality solid wood helps too, but this really does sing for an age.

The K-1 here is a regular 8-string, with low and high G, low and high C and two pairs of E's and A's. While sometimes I think 8 strings can sound a little muddy, the note separation here is fantastic. You can hear every note, clear as crystal. And that sustain means you hear them for a relative age!

As well as the koa body, this instrument has an ebony fingerboard and bridge, chrome geared tuners, an ebony bridge with bridge pints and a nubone nut and saddle. The nut with is 38mm, which combined with a relatively slender neck profile means you get plenty of space for your fingers, without too much reaching, as you'd get with a chunkier neck. The fret markers and Kanile'a logo are finished in mother of pearl.

The set up is great too - this is a nice 8-string to fingerpick with. It, of course, excels when playing chords too, but this is an instrument that will do anything you want it to, and more.

This uke is supplied in a top of the range, quite beautiful hard case!

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