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Kanile'a KPA-T Premium Koa Tenor Ukulele


With this Kanile’a KPA-T tenor ukulele, you start to imagine that the image of angels sitting on clouds playing harps is outdated. Surely, in the clouds that rise above the lush, green slopes of Hawaii’s volcanic mountaintops, they’d be playing Kanilea’s. And, if you’re understandably reaching for the sick bag at that over the top analogy, consider that this instrument is what a Rolls Royce is to cards, what Concorde was for airliners, and what Radiohead were to music in the 90’s and 00’s (OK, showing my personal tastes a bit there in the final comment!)

There a lovely shimmer to the flaming of the all solid premium koa body, with nice ebony binding and larger than normal abalone soundhole rosette. There’s abalone and there’s abalone, and this is ABALONE! Sparkling, iridescent and flipping gorgeous. The ebony fretboard is slick as you like and smoother than the smoothest baby’s bottom, and the tuners are Kanile’a branded, gold, and top notch.

This model features the updated bracing system from Kanile’a, who have long been innovators in this department. Their TRU system has set the standard for increased resonance, and this KPA-T tenor has the TRU-R, the redesigned bracing made up from tiny triangles, like an angular honeycomb. The result in the sustain department is epic.

This ukulele has a real Hawaiian ring to it - crisp, fresh and harmonically rich, and feels great in your hand with a spacious 38mm nut and a fairly shallow neck profile for the optimum in space, yet easy reach. It also comes in a frankly amazing carbon fibre hard case in black and silver.

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KPA-T Kanile'a Solid Koa Tenor Ukulele.jpg
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