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Kiwaya KPT-1M All Solid Tenor Ukulele


Kiwaya KPT-1M… oh how I love thee! With thy beauteous, shapely lines. Woe upon anyone who has not had the chance to strum this divine wonder, and hear the warm music that gushes forth within thine ears.

Yep, this all solid mahogany tenor ukulele is one of those that made me go a bit funny. Go a bit weak at the knees and start writing silliness on the description. Really I should get a grip - but the only thing I want to get a grip of is the 37mm wide neck, with a lovely flat profile that makes reaching the frets easy. I should get a hold of myself but all I want to hold is that beautifully grained and striped solid mahogany body. I should take action before I go completely mad but the only action I can think about is the effortlessly low and easy-playing action on this Kiwaya.

The subtle, golden, warm tones that drift towards you when you play the KPT-1M are rich, complex and bordering on the divine. My Shakespearean language is a bit overblown, but just highlights my love for this lovely tenor ukulele. I think if these had been around in The Bard’s time, nobody would have got to know poor Yorick well at all - they’d have been too busy playing these.

To conclude in a more dry and serious manner, this Kiwaya is fitted with Worth Browns and lovely, smooth Gotoh geared tuners. And a generous dose of Hey Nonny Nonny! (Sorry, couldn’t help it!)

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