Tenor Ukuleles

Lanikai ACST-8CET Solid Top Fishman Electro 8-string Tenor Ukulele


This is a really nice looking offering from the new line of Lanikai ukuleles. The company, once famed for their popular line of LU serious beginner ukes has gone away and reinvented itself, bringing in a more select range of solid top ukuleles like this ACST-8CET.

For the specification, you can dissect the clunky name, ACST-8CET. Acacia is the wood used (AC) and this model has a solid top (ST). It is an 8 String (8), has cutaway (C) and is an electro tenor (ET). It is fitted with a Fishman active pickup with their popular and effective Kula preamp with built in tuner, which is a great example of this type of system, with a side panel for volume and tone controls - giving a rich, undistorted amplified tone.

It has Aquila strings, a bone nut and saddle and a slightly wider nut to make fretting a little easier with the 8 strings. Strap buttons are fitted in two positions too, while the tuners are free-turning and better quality than many 8-string models.

The stone is forward and crisp, with a plenty of projection - without being too bright.

Any drawbacks? From the box, the action is fairly high, making it slightly awkward to fret higher up the neck. This will be taken care of at World of Ukes, so, if you find this not the cheapest example on the web, consider that'll it'll take me a bit of work to optimise its playability.

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