Tenor Ukuleles
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Lanikai Malibu Hawaii Made Solid Koa Tenor Ukulele

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This is a really nice, understated looking, Hawaiian made tenor. It is a uke like this that remind you quite why Hawaiian makers are so well respected, and their work so highly sought after. It looks smart, with its all solid koa body, but not to the level where it will be a showstopper. It feels very light, with thin sheets of wood used to construct it. But when you pick it up and play you have a battle to work out what its best feature is, the sparkling tone which offers great balance, a chiming sound with depth and sweetness in equal measure... or the ease of play, great set up, smooth fingerboard and simple pleasure you can get from playing it.

It is also fitted by me with Worth strings, which give a nice sustain, and along with the bone saddle, give it a good level of sustain.

Overall it is lovely to play and very nice indeed to listen to - making it a ukulele that's something of an all-round. Power, playability and tone, all in one well priced package.

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