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Maestro UT-CO Tenor Ukulele Electro with MiSi Pickup


This electro version is fitted with the high-quality MiSi pickup.

The Maestro UT-CO is one of those rare ukuleles that confuses my ear - in that I assumed on first playing it that I had tuned it incorrectly, a few notes below where it should be. A quick check of the tuner however and I realised it was correct, GCEA. But the sound is so deep, rich and warm that it seems like the tuning was lower.

Customers sometimes ask what the justification is for a ukulele that costs this much… and it is a tricky question to answer. Logically, unless you’re an international performer there’s no real justification other than, if you have this amount of money to spend, this is a nice thing to spend it on. But I’ve learned that in many cases, when people invest larger amounts, what they’re looking for is a depth and warmth that is exceptional. With its small body this is tricky to get from a ukulele - and only the finest achieve such a depth - and that is why ukes like the Maestro UT-CO are so sought after and appreciated. Well, that’s what I think anyway - maybe I should just have summarised these opening paragraphs simply by saying, ‘well, this uke sounds really, really good!’

The top is my favourite tonewood, solid westerm red cedar; which is a nice - sweet sounding and capable of a great dynamic range. The back and sides are simply gorgeous solid cocobolo. Even if you don’t play ukulele - you could just use it as an ornament! The side features a sound port on the shoulder which delivers an immediate sound to the player, giving you a taste of the delights your audience will be listening to. There’s also a stylish Florentine cutaway to give better access to the upper frets.

And you’ll want to explore the length of the smooth ebony fretboard as it plays beautifully, without losing volume up to the upper reaches. The fingerboard as side markers, which allows the decorative inlaid palm tree feature to be one that is attractive, without losing functionality. It feels comfortable to play, even without taking into account the lovely maple bevelled edge.

This Singapore made ukulele is an example of what wonderful ukuleles can the made in the Far East. To ease off on the florid language of the early paragraphs - this tenor is an absolute belter.

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