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Maestro UT-PA CSB All Solid Padauk Tenor Ukulele


This is a very special looking ukulele, but the Maestro UT-PA CSB is a tenor uke with more than just looks to boast about. It is a well made, excellently designed cutaway uke, which sounds as good as it looks. The tone is smooth, warm, rounded and mellow, with a strong, clear crispness coming through at the top end, making your melodies stand out (particularly as the side soundhole projects this sound towards you).

The UT-PA is made from all solid Padauk, an exotic looking African hardwood that is most familiar with ukes with the red binding used by Kala in some of their models. Used as a tonewood, it is similar to rosewood, without any muddiness in the middle ground, smooth and warm with pronounced trebles. It looks great with its rich red hues, especially when set off with the pale maple binding.

As well as the comfort edge, abalone soundhole rosette and delicate purfling, the UT-PA also has a stunning decoration in wood and abalone inlaid into the smooth black ebony fingerboard. In case that wasn't enough to look at, the light heartwood on the back is further attraction for the eyes.

The uke is supplied with Aquila strings and personally, I think fluorocarbons really bring it alive, so if you'd like them fitted, just let me know, I will do it for free. And there's a top quality hard case as well.

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