Tenor Ukuleles

Magic Fluke SB20 Mi-Si Solid Body Electro Tenor Ukulele


This is the new, 2018 spec. Magic Fluke SB20 tenor electro, improved from the last design by the addition of a magnificent Mi-Si preamp, ensuring that once plugged in, the sound is clear, rich and well... ready to handle everything.

There are two types (although I can't detect a sound difference between them), a dark walnut and a light ash. These are solid wood, solid body instruments - with a built in leather strap, Grover 2B (very effective) friction pegs and an undersaddle pickup. D'addario Nyltech strings are fitted.

The set up is excellent, making it a really slick tenor uke to play - and lots of fun when plugged in as the ease of play makes it easy to dart around the fingerboard with exotic solos.

This Fluke isn't supplied with the expensive USA made official bag - but will fit into a normal tenor ukulele bag.

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