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Tenor Ukuleles

Magic Fluke Tenor Firefly M70M Banjolele


Yee-Haw! That's what this lovely sounding, beautifully playing tenor scale banjolele makes you want to cry! In part as it is made in the good ol' USA, and in part because it is a supersize portion of ukulele banjo fun. Actually, 'yee-haw' probably isn't right for this instrument, made in the more cultured Massachusetts, as opposed to the wild west. That's like Americans having Hugh Grant drooling 'marvellous' over a UK-made uke in advert.

But anyway, now that cross-Atlantic stereotyping has been done and dusted, I can get on into what this beast is and what it sounds like. Unlike others in the Firefly series, this tenor M70M features a tuneable head, maple neck and Grover friction tuners.

It has a 'workshop-built' feel to it, in a good way. It is simply put together but innovative, light to hold but deep in sound - with crisp trebles and a banjoe-esque twang.

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Magic Fluke Tenor Banjolele 1.jpg
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