Tenor Ukuleles

Mahalo Java Tenor Electro Ukulele


Mahalo is a name that either strikes terror into your heart, or gives you a warm glow for that terrible painted uke that you started off with. Before this opening gambit puts you off though, they are much improved these days (even the colourful ukes are better). This is from their Java series, made in a different factory from those ukes you used to know. Yes, it is still at the inexpensive end of the market - but do you know what? It isn't half bad.

First off, it is a lot of uke for your money. It has a plain laminate body which is lifted a little by the attractive soundhole decoration, a Nubone nut and saddle and an active B-band preamp and undersaddle pickup. The Java electro tenor also has a smooth teak fingerboard, gold coloured geared tuners, Aquila strings and a slotted headstock.

The tone is quite mellow, but with plenty of volume. It actually sounds pretty sweet. I am not going to pretend it is amazing, but is it worth this price? Yes! I see it as ideal for those on a budget that need to amplify, or experiment with effects. Forget the name and think about the value!

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