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Ohana TK-14E Electro Tenor Ukulele


This is a solidly build, neat and tidy tenor ukulele. The Aquila string equipped uke is contructed from mahogany laminate, which is spiced up by black binding and a black and white soundhole ring. Particularly smart is the headstock, with black and white decoration around the edge, and the distinctive Ohana logo.

While you’ll find websites that say the TK-14E tenor ukulele has a warm tone on account of the mahogany, as it is laminate that doesn’t actually have any bearing on the tone. Slightly pedantic of me to say, as this Ohana uke DOES have a nice, warm, but well balanced tone. There’s plenty of controlled volume too.

The TK-14E has a passive under-saddle pickup, so you can plug in a use whatever equipment you prefer to replicate that nice tone.

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Ohana TK-14E tenor electro ukulele.jpg
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