Tenor Ukuleles

Ohana TK-15Z Zebrawood Tenor Ukulele

99.00 139.00

Just to show I can't resist a special offer either, here's a great deal on an Ohana TK-15Z Zebrawood tenor uke. Looking through Ohana's offers, I noticed this lovely looking instrument at a good price - so I got a few in and passed the discount on to you (UK Only).

Ohana have a big range, and they're known for their well-made, good sounding laminate instruments, like this zebrawood model. The striking grain on this uke makes it a good looking alternative to other 'serious beginner' grade tenors, or a handsome addition to a uke collection that lacks that bit of overt extravagance!

The TK-15Z by Ohana is well made, with a neatly finished rosewood fingerboard, durable geared tuners, and Aquila strings. It feels nice to hold and, although each is always inspected and adjusted, it is good to know the set up is improving from the factory too - they're a trusted brand that's getting even better. Just to prove I don't only cover what I like in these descriptions - personally I don't really like it when laminate instruments don't have binding, as you can see the layers of the laminate when you look closely. Having said that - it isn't really noticeable on this uke with all that strong grain going on, plus it's not a fault and doesn't affect the sound!

The sound is bright and lively, with a good clarity between the strings that makes it nice for fingerpicking - while the nice punch it delivers makes it good option for chords. There decent volume too, if you're in a ukulele club and need to compete with the banjoleles!

Ohana's like this TK-15Z offer a good, no-nonsense option for ukulele players on a budget, or those looking for something more affordable to take on holidays and trips. With this great price, it is the perfect option for take to the beach, or in the case of the regular British summer - something to play on while the rain beats on your window!


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