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Ohana TK-70BACE Solid Spruce Top Electro Ukulele


Ohana's TK-70BACE is a really nice looking tenor electro model, with lots of attractive features, plus a big, bright, well-projected tone. The uke has a solid spruce top and really pretty laminate back and sides, with a veneer of Morinda, or blackwood as it can be known.

The binding is maple, and accompanied with some black and white purfling, plus there's a rope-style soundhole rosette. The maple re-appears to bind the headstock, which has a rosewood veneer which helps the Ohana logo stand out.

The TK-70BACE features a Belcat pre-amp, with built-in tuner and tone/volume controls, linked to the undersaddle pickup. Sometimes these systems can get a tough press, but I've heard them used to great effect if the amplifier or PA system is good quality.

The tone is crisp and clear. It does have a decent body to it; the tone isn't thin... but definitely the strong point is the brightness, punchy projection and volume.

This Ohana is fitted with effective, closed, geared tuners that are gold in colour, with white buttons. They are a touch old-fashioned in their looks, but certainly work smoothly. Aquila strings complete the picture.

All in all, this is a very nice looking electro tenor with a good sound, an ideal step-up uke for someone wanting to hear themselves better in a group environment, or perhaps to do some performances on stage with its plugged-in capabilities.

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