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Ohana TK-70KE Solid Spruce Top Electro Tenor Ukulele

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Ohana have gone all guns blazing in the visual department with this stunning looking tenor electro, the TK-70KE. Fundamental, despite all this visual flair, is the high grade, solid spruce top, which gives this ukulele a well-projected, forward tone, with a real fullness to it. It sings really well with good sustain and a nice balance between brightness and body.

Starting at the top, the TK-70KE tenor has gold coloured, great quality Grover tuners with black buttons, and the headstock has a koa faceplate, surrounded by abalone, which also appears in the body purfling and soundhole rosette.

The fingerboard and body have hardwood binding (not the plastic tortoiseshell of earlier models), and the laminate koa back and sides have a lovely golden hue to them under the gloss finish. The hardwood bridge has an interesting shape too.

This Ohana TK-70KE tenor has a Fishman pre-amp and undersaddle piezo pickup, with a built in tuner, tone and volume controls. This produces a nicely shaped tone when amplified.

It is a very handsome thing, but strip away the fancy, shiny bits and underneath is the most important thing, a tenor electro that sounds great.

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