Tenor Ukuleles

Ohana TKS-22E Thin Body Electro Tenor Ukulele


The TKS-22E from Ohana Ukuleles is a thin body tenor electro uke. Not thin enough perhaps, to be called a travel uke, but certainly more shallow than a regular tenor. Despite the thinner (47mm compared to a normal 68mm) body, the volume isn't lacking and the tone impressive too.

With a solid spruce soundboard and thin body, you'd expect the tone to follow the norms of that tonewood and be bright - and possibly even tinny. That's where logic goes out of the window. Not only is the sound not tinny, it sounds more like mahogany warmth than spruce. True, especially with the Aquila strings fitted, it does sing out nicely in the treble zone - but what really speaks to you is the nice richness of the sound it produces. It's all upside-down! Well, not literally, all the bits are in the right place, but it isn't what you'd expect, that's for sure.

The TKS-22E has a passive pickup fitted, with a sturdy jack input that acts as a strap button also. The back and sides are laminate mahogany with an brown/orange stain, separated from the top by black binding. The uke is fitted with branded Grover open geared tuners and is adorned with a black and white soundhole decoration.

In a way it isn't one thing or another - not a regular tenor electro, and not a true thin-body one either. But it should perhaps be seriously considered in the former category - as it matches up well with equivalent solid top tenor electros - not only in tone but especially in price. It really does sound good for the money.

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