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Pete Howlett Solid Korina Legacy Series Tenor Ukulele - Mi-Si Electro Model


This Pete Howlett Legacy series ukulele (85117) is a prime example of an artisan mastercraftsman's work. Made from all solid Korina, a sustainable wood, it offers a koa-like shimmering sound, with a fascinating, highly contrasting grain.

This Howlett uke is packed with lovely features. There's the blackwood bridge and bridge, with a corian nut and saddle (a man made material with bone-like qualities). There's attractive looking black, closed geared tuners made by Der Jung, which are smooth as anything, and simple, but perfectly applied satin finish.

The headstock would once have been called refreshingly different in shape - although these days you'd say it was the classic Howlett headstock. It has a soundhole on the top bout to help you hear exactly what you're playing, and Worth browns which give a lovely ring.

This instrument has been upgraded in our workshop to include a professional Mi-Si active pickup, which offers a brilliant reproduction of the uke's tone, and has a supercapacitor, which allows you many hours of play from a couple of minutes charge from the supplied adaptor. A great bit of kit!

As you'd expect, this Legacy series is perfectly set up, with an easy-playing action and a 36mm nut width, both of which combine to make playing it a dream. It really is easy to get on with!

The sound is excellent, which great balance across the strings which offers a lovely chiming effect when strummed, and lovely clarity when picked. Top quality you'd expect from such a name, and top quality you get!

The uke is supplied in a hard case. Click additional info for a video demo.

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