Tenor Ukuleles
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Pono ATC Cutaway All Solid Acacia Tenor Ukulele


A cracking uke this, one of my favourite Pono ukuleles ever. There's a massive range, with options on tops, decorations and body shape, so in some ways, when first trying this one I thought, 'what's going to be different with this one'? I thought it would be good but was surprised it stood out with some a lovely, singing, ringing and bright tone. Not a hollow brightness, tinny and shallow - but a bright, bold and full, but confident tone, with great sustain.

This Pono ATC has a cutaway shape for better access to the higher frets, and with its slick, easy-playing ebony fingerboard you'll want to explore its full range. The all solid acacia body gives an attractive appearance, but it could be an ugly duckling and you'd forgive it for the tone.

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