Tenor Ukuleles
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Pono MGT-8 All Solid Tenor 8-String Ukulele


This 8-string uke is a real delight to play. Yes, it sounds lovely. Yes, it is interesting to look at. But if out of those three key factors, playability, looks and tone, you were ask to say in which field this one was outstanding and it would be the sheer ease of play. 8-strings can be a little tricky, especially near the nut and with barre chords... but not this wee beastie, it's a real pleasure to strum.

The all solid mango has interesting patterns and shapes in its naturally occurring form, making a uke that is truly unique to you - as no two look the same. It also gives a lovely warmth with a sweet edge to it - especially so when there are 8-strings to chime out, beautifully.

If I were investing in an 8-string ukulele - there is no doubt where I'd be putting my money... Pono make them so easy to play, they make the choice easy too.

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