Tenor Ukuleles
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Pono MT8 8-String All Solid Tenor Ukulele


This is a really cracking 8-string tenor. Is that because it is made of all solid mahogany and sounds rich and exciting? Well, certainly that is part of the appeal. But what I think is the best feature is the playability - which is excellent. 8 strings usually means it is harder to press down the strings and get them all to ring true. Not insurmountable at all, but it tended to confine you mosty to chords. But not so with the Pono MT-8... you can fingerpick with this, it is set up so well.

When I first picked it up, I went to my default (party-piece) Bach Cello Concerto and found it coming through no problem. No buzz. No clamping on for dear life! A very playable uke and really, for an 8 string, superb!

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