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Pono MTD-CR Cedar Top All Solid Tenor Ukulele


I do like a bit of solid cedar on a ukulele's top. Now, prepare yourself for some namedropping... When I was chatting to James Hill for UKE Magazine at the Czech Ukulele Festival (yes, I'm nauseating aren't I!), he told me of his fondness for cedar and spruce topped instruments. And, being a big fan of his, I just adopted the same opinion... No, not really - what actually happened was, as a solid koa tenor uke owner, it made me go back and really look at these woods again and hear the differentce. With this Pono, the cedar comes out with a mellow-edged clarity and punch. It is loud but refined, clear and ringing, but with a softness that permeates the sound.

This Pono tenor ukulele, the MTD-CR model, has ebony faceplate and fingerboard, a denser wood that just adds a little to the instrument's sustain. It has a high gloss finish which is extremely well applied and brings out the best of the grain in the cedar top and solid mahogany back and sides.

The Pono neck is relatively chunky - it fills the hand. I find with neck profiles that after a while, I can get used to anything... but those who insist on a bit more girth to their ukulele necks will be satisfied here.

We can, with an extra couple of days before dispatch, fit this Pono MTD-CR with a fantastic Mi-Si pickup... definitely my favourite option for amplifying a ukulele.

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