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Pono MTD-SP-SB Sunburst Tenor Ukulele


This ridiculously gorgeous looking Pono MTD-SP-SB is more than just a tenor ukulele with an extremely pretty sunburst. It is also an extremely well made instrument that really sings, with sweet, clear tones that respond particularly well to picked melodies and chord progressions that venture further up the neck.

The combination of all solid woods, mahogany back and sides and an Englemann spruce top give an ideally balanced combination of mellow backdrop that allows the spruce's natural brilliance and brightness to shine through.

With a radiused fretboard, an almost imperceptible curve on the fingerboard, barre chords are more easily formed, making this a lovely uke to play too, especially with a spacious-feeling 35mm nut width. And with the simple rope-style binding and soundhole rosette - it has just enough 'extra' decoration to set off the exquisite sunburst finish beautifully. 


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