Tenor Ukuleles

Pono TE-ST Steel String Chambered Electro Tenor Ukulele


This is the TE-ST, a steel-strung Pono tenor ukulele, with a chambered body. This instrument feels really well balanced in your hands, and is ideal for ukulele players that want to experiment with effects - in particular, distortion, as it can be cranked up without suffering from feedback, unlike many electro-acoustic ukes.

The body is made from acacia, and while you might expect it to be really heavy, it feels great, and the chambers with in it reduce the weight but also deliver and really pretty, rounded tone.

Of course, when played acoustically, there's not a huge amount of volume. But it does have some and sounds really full and warm, aided by the low G tuning. It is an addictive tone, with rumbling lows and lovely, singing trebles with rich harmonics. And the steel strings give ukulele players what they're starved of - long, ringing sustain.

When it is plugged in though, it really comes to life, with a good quality passive pickup. This is only limited in scope by what you plug into. With a good amp or PA system, it can sound every inch the professional instrument.

The 35mm nut will be familiar to ukers, and the Pono neck fills the hand nicely. The neck, like the body, is a smooth satin. There's a truss rod there too, for tweaks, should you ever need to. Plus, the universally well-regarded Grover geared tuners.

If you want to look and sound good on stage, shred it up, or use this uke clean to get lovely, warm tones, this is a serious option. Fantastic.

Comes in a very protective hard case, specifically made for this thin body electro uke.

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