Tenor Ukuleles

Snail SUT-M2 Electro Tenor Ukulele


There's plenty of good specification with this Snail SUT-M2, for a very respectable price. Although the uke is made from laminate mahogany, you wouldn't guess from the tone, which is crisp, clear, loud and in possession of a lovely, ringing sweetness. There's a reason that Snail have emerged from a huge pack of new Chinese brands in recent year - because they've been focussing on quality, not quantity.

For all that quality, this uke's impressive value is only increased by the addition of an active preamp and pickup, with built in tuner and tone controls. It also has clear fluorocarbon strings, which really suit the instrument and show the makers have thought things through, rather than just go with a package deal with the same strings on all their models.

The tuners are chrome and robust, the saddle is compensated bone (as is the 35mm nut), and the bridge and fingerboard are ebony. Ebony also appears on the headstock veneer and there's an abalone inlaid soundhole rosette for a bit of show.

The SUT-M2 from Snail is supplied in a basic padded bag.

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